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We believe that if a job can be done, it can be done better. In a bid to help organizations improve and optimize important functions, Crescendo Corporation has partnered with several innovative organizations to bring revolutionary products to the market.

By introducing the Indian market to path breaking niche products, we believe that organizations can benefit from massive untapped potential.

Some of the challenges that companies face in launching niche products and technologies in the Indian market are:

  • Lack of target consumer knowledge
  • Dearth of marketing support
  • Not enough grassroots knowledge

At Crescendo Corporation, we carry the ability to address each of these challenges. Having successfully marketed a number of niche high end technology products in the Indian market, we are familiar with the pulse of the market and can objectively advise you on whether, when and how a product will work.

Our recent endeavours in niche marketing include the following:

Helping Niche Products Make a Mark: