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Crescendo Corporation

Virtual Mental Healthcare.

Crescendo Corporation

Tele Opthalmology Mobile Unit.

Crescendo Corporation

Virtual Mobile Healthcare Unit.

Crescendo Corporation

Virtual Mobile Healthcare Unit.

Marketing Niche Products


• We at Crescendo pride ourselves in bringing path breaking niche products into the Indian market. Marketing of niche products calls for niche abilities, identification of the target population based on grass roots knowledge, great understanding, great deal of patience and above all extraordinary commitment and self belief.

• We have all that and much much more and would hence be your ideal partner in bringing technology to the masses. We have successfully marketed a number of niche high end technology products in the Indian market. We have the pulse of the market and know very well as to whether, when and how a product will deliver.

• Our recent endeavours in niche marketing include the following

•Virtual Healthcare platforms



•Fuel Additive FA 6048


•Ratio platform

•Atmospheric Water Generator

•Medical and Educational products