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Mobile Medical Units (MMU):

Mobile Medical Units presentation
Mobile Meidcal Units

We are Crescendo Corporation based in New Delhi and we were selected for the India CSR Idea Pitch for healthcare FOR OUR INNOVATIVE MOBILE CONNECTED HEALTHCARE PLATFORMS FOR THE  RURAL AND URBAN UNDER PRIVILEGED.

We have done the first tele-psychiatric project ANANYA with Hewlett Packard and MS Chellamuthu trust in Madurai, as also Opthalmology van for Sai Retina Foundation in New Delhi, Palliative care van for Kerala, General Medicine van for Bangalore.

We have delivered two projects for Narayana Hrudayalaya. One is a full fledged  Cancer detection van with Mammogram, Pap smear facility, Ultrasound etc and another a General Medicine van with Xray Ultrasound, Pathlab etc. and we have delivered five Disaster Management Vehicles to The Hans Foundation.

A generic description of our platforms is given below;

Mobile Medical Units (MMU)/Virtual Health Care mobile Platforms(VHCP):

We custom-design and manufacture the virtual healthcare mobile platforms on selected chassis depending on the terrain and areas of usage to meet the mission objective. 

These state of the art, air-conditioned platforms are fitted with digital diagnostic tools, computer hardware and special software  which will enable patients in far off rural and remote areas to be treated through computer systems with specialist Doctors sitting in Hospitals in urban areas .

The Stethoscope, ECG, SPO2, Dermatoscope, Otoscope, Automatic Blood Analyzer and Blood counter etc are all digital diagnostic tools which are transmitted live or in " store and forward"  modes to the Doctor’s computer and the patients can consult the Doctor from remote locations with all the Electronic Medical Records seen by the Doctor on his screen as also through live video conference.. The system also stores all patient medical data on a server for future reference.

These vans also come installed with patient inspection beds, stretcher, Wheel chair, Wash basin, medical cabinets, dispensary windows, Refrigerator etc and have their own power generators and are fit for use in remote units and camps. In addition, these vans are fitted with LED screens for information dissemination, education and entertainment.Also hey will have critical care tools like homeostasis patches to stop bleeding in accidents as well as Defibrillators etc.

We will custom design the platform to suit your requirement be it for healthcare, education or for any other purpose with complete software and hardware solutions provided under one roof.The paramedics will be taken from the local population and trained by us to create local employment in technology sphere to benefit their communities.

Mobile platforms for general health care, mammography for cancer detection,  ultrasound, X ray  etc will increase the reach of good healthcare to our rural and poor population with the medical specialists advising them from urban areas, wherever they are through digital tools.

We also create similar state of the art static health care studios in geriatric homes, orphanages,  rural institutions and areas, urban underprivileged areas etc.with complete digital diagnostic tools.

This is most aptly required for CSR activities of Corporates  for inclusive health care in rural areas for the underprivileged.​