Here is a snapshot of the core business development services that Crescendo Corporation excels in:

Project Start-Up Consultancy/Entry-level Strategy

We support start-up ventures as well as businesses seeking to enter and establish themselves in India by handholding them through all stages of the business cycle, from identifying appropriate entry routes to assisting in deal structuring and providing post-setup services.

To do this, we can:

Design an entry level strategy best suited to your business needs in the context of the prevailing socio-political and economic environment in the country.

  • Provide you with a detailed SWOT analysis as well as strategic and tactical imperatives for entry and subsequent consolidation.
  • Assist you to undertake change management, innovation and above all decision-making at critical junctures.
  • Tailor unique solutions that would be perfect fits to meet your organisational goals and business interests.

Location Studies

We conduct location studies by evaluating the relative advantage of different Indian states, cities, and districts, based on well-defined multi-perspective including geographic, political, and economic parameters.

Representative Office Facility

We organize the office infrastructure and manpower during the "in-transit period" of a company when it is in the process of setting up an office in India.


Talent hunting can be a veritable challenge for companies venturing into India. We provide assistance in recruitment of managerial personnel for mid/top level management, especially in niche sectors.

Business Development - Enabling Businesses to Tap into Opportunities

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