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Branding & Marketing - Helping Brands Wade Through the Clutter

Why Do Companies Need Timely Branding and Marketing Services?

The Indian market has seen a proliferation of brands and products in recent years – a factor that has diluted brand loyalty and given consumers unparalleled choice.

Often, there are similar brands from the same stable competing for the customer’s mind share, leading to confused audiences and inefficiencies in market pens. On the business front, this results in reduced profitability, poorly utilized capacities, and a diluted sales focus.

Crescendo Corporation’s brand strategy works closely with companies to instil clarity in brand management. We believe that each brand has a clear and differentiated role in the portfolio. The portfolio strategy is a forward-looking model that also allows for future growth and new product development.

We work closely with the client team to understand the strategic imperatives of the company and its in-house competencies. This understanding is juxtaposed against a detailed analysis of historical trends in the target consumer segments, retail requirements, and category attractiveness.

The result is a comprehensive portfolio architecture that maximizes synergies between brands and lays down the direction for future growth. The recommendations are thereafter validated by a target survey undertaken by our market research partner under our guidance.